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Who Are We

Our Factory built in 2013, with telecommunication, then specialized in a wide range of LED LIGHTING that carefully tested at lab which placed in China(CE, EMC), We aim to import electrical and lighting product to keep the success of the changing world by sustaining our traditional values. Our distributes in all worlds concentrate their work, to meet all your needs with best price offer and high quality. We are working with a passion to bring our brand to globalization and being close to customers who are kilometers away. JEC make an effort to instead of focusing on the darkness and turn on the light. After years of working in electrical filed and wide range of products, our vision improve to bring JEC products to highly level of quality, and that is really became true in recent years, JEC brand reach for the highest technical parameters, and approach to global classification.

Our vision...

To become one of the top manufacturing leaders for Led light in whole the world


JEC led light management and staff are committed to quality through providing the highest quality of led light. small domestic goods , powder coating and plastic injection . Our employees are highly involved in applying the quality managment system requirements and have clearly understood their role in establishing , maintaining and effectively implementing this system . the quality management system contributes in establishing and reviewing quality objectives to continually improve its effectiveness . we strive to continually improve the quality of products provided in compliance with ISO management system is the basis of our success

Our mission...

To be in the market leader in Led light in the whole world Maintaining a high-quality product, in competitive price and in time delivery. establishing high standards of professionalism among the employees in the strong and distinctive environment continual improvement on profitable performance of the company

About Company

Our factory is provided with quality control testing rooms that utilized on a state of the art technology , and the most advanced and developed techniques , enabling us to test all product , to ensure their high quality standards . JEC led light is classified as an integrated complex and the hub for all stages , starting from raw material preparation , formation , passing by machines manufacture and production , concluding with the high quality and performance guarantee

what do we offer...

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